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USB lte Wi Fi Adapter in green grass

Broadband Equipment

  • 90 days’ warranty on every device sold
  • All devices are EU compatible unless otherwise stated
  • Unless otherwise stated, all devices are unlocked
  • Carefully tested for main functionality
  • Graded visually by skilled technicians
  • Large quantities of used DSL modem routers, USB modems and MiFis


All our broadband equipment is unlocked. Unless we specifically say so, you have full access to the equipment and can use it with any network and any combination of devices.

Tested for function

We only ship broadband equipment that is carefully tested for main functionality. We check:

  • Network
  • Wifi
  • Buttons
  • Speakers
  • Structural integrity


Our technicians inspect all our broadband equipment visually, and assign it one of five grades:


Brand New

An unused device in a sealed package

Grade A+

Device may be used, but looks pristine

Grade A

Excellent condition with very slight signs of usage that are normally not noticeable

Grade B

Good visual condition which may include some minor signs of wear like scuffs or scratches

Grade C

Used visual appearance with moderate to heavy wear visible

Large projects

Working with our distribution and supply partners, we can supply large quantities of DSL routers, unlocked USB modems and MiFis. Depending on availability and your needs, these devices might range in visual appearance from as-new items in original retail packaging to used-looking devices.


We offer an industry-beating 30-day warranty for PCs and a 90-day warranty on Apple products. Instead of giving a warranty that doesn’t give you time to get the item out of the box before it expires, we deliver real peace of mind.