Wholesale electronics for resale

Mobile devices

  • 90 days warranty on every device sold
  • EU Compatible
  • Unless otherwise stated, all devices are unlocked
  • Devices available with and without original EU accessories
  • Fully tested for functionality

Fully tested for functionality

Our technicians test every device we receive for:

  • Network and wifi connectivity
  • Display colors
  • Speakers and Microphones
  • Charging
  • Button and touchscreen function
  • Cameras
  • Proximity sensors and fingerprint scanners
  • Structural integrity

Broken mobiles for sale

Devices that do not pass the functionality check are offered for sale. These mobiles are suitable for parts harvesting or for refurbishment.

These along with other devices are shown in our store page.

We mainly sell Apple, Samsung and Sony but also carry other brands in stock.

Visually graded

Brand New

An unused device in a sealed package.

Grade A+

A pristine looking device

Grade A

New looking device with some minor signs of use.

Grade B

Good visual condition including some signs of wear like scuffs or scratches.

Grade C

Used visual appearance with moderate to heavy wear.

We have one of the most versatile stock selection in the market. If you are looking for used iPhones or broken mobiles you have come to the right place. Please register to see our full stocklist.