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Looking for Electronics?

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Supplying resellers and distributors with reliable used electronics

Thanks to our international buyback solutions we are receiving a wide range of goods which are all graded, physical and listed for sale on our market site at a good price.

Macs & PCs
Mobile broadbands
Mobile LCDs
Computer components
Bluetooth speakers

About Replace

Addressing the main issues of the second-hand market is our most important focus Slow replies, inconsistent quality, high failure rates and long fulfilment times. These are the everyday problems which resellers have to deal with

Over the years we have openly listened to all suggestions while uniting more and more invaluable resellers with our distribution network. We are extremely grateful to our ever-growing list of partners, who have helped us see the big picture clearly – less-than-2% return rate ensures us we are on the right path to becoming an irreplaceable partner for you.


Our Vision

We unite the people and partners who share our goals in order to achieve sustainable life through reuse.

Why buy from replace?

Reliable goods

We don’t want you to waste time and money on returning goods. Everything has been tested individually to ensure an average return rate of just 2%.

Simple & quick to order

Order online through our marketplace or work with our sales team to find the best devices for your business.


We have 16 different product categories with conditions ranging from broken to new. Chances are we have something for you.

Flexible pricing

We are open to discuss and consider the price levels in your local market

Peace of mind

Every item sold is tested, doublechecked and backed by 90 dayswarranty.


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